Fishing In Ocean City Md


Fishing In Ocean City Md


Ocean City, Maryland is one of the most popular tourist destinations during the summer in the East Coast but it also has world-class fishing within minutes away from the beaches that are bustling. Being aware of the most optimal timings and seasons when you can fish the Ocean City's coast waterways will allow you to enjoy the best fishing experience.

The best time to fish Ocean City is from May until September for kingfish flounder, weakfish, the croaker, spotted trout albacore, white Marlin bluefin tuna, dolphin bluefish, sharks and bluefish. Winter is the time for fishing to be slowest for fish in Ocean City coastal waters.

Ocean City is home to many species of fish that are accessible throughout the year. The angler is more likely take a fish off the shore of Ocean City in the Isle of Wight Bay or during deep-sea fishing is available in the Atlantic Ocean during peak times.

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Between the beginning of spring and the early fall the spotted trout, kingfish northern porgy, weakfish flounder, and sea bass are at their most productive. The months of early summer and autumn are the best time to fish for Atlantic albacore, croaker white marlin, dolphins bluefin tuna, as well as the wahoo.

Bluefish can be found in late spring through the time of the season's end. Anglers can catch tautog throughout the year long and hunt for sharks, such as hammerheads or threshers during the months of the months of May, June and July.

Best Time to Fish Ocean City

There are a few species that are present all throughout the year in Ocean City, no matter when you fish. Although the most popular time for tautogs is autumn, you can find them throughout the year in the waters close to shorelines and bays like Isle of Wight Bay.

The temperature of the water is among the primary factors that affect fish fishing at Ocean City, and the general rule is that fish are less active when the water is cold. They are more active once the water begins to warm up.


Winter is among the worst season for fishing in Ocean City for many of the classic fish caught. The fish begin their migration south when the cooling of the water. The benefit of this southerly migration method is that it attracts fish that come from the north. In the winter months the striped bass is just one fish species to travel across the waters of the coast that lie in Ocean City and is a popular catch.



In spring, bluefish, mackerel and sharks are present throughout Ocean City. Mackerel are most active in March , when they move in huge numbers all along on the Atlantic coast. The mackerel depart in the middle of April and the bluefish follow following closely. The bluefish remain until the close of the season, increasing in size with every new month.


The warmer temperatures of the water attract numerous species of fish including sharks, bigeyes, and yellowfin sea bass, tuna flounder, wahoo and marlin. It is an extremely sought-after fisheries for Ocean City.

The season for white marlins begins in June. July is the most popular month for sharks during the summer. Hammerheads, makos and blue sharks can be observed scavenging for bluefish in sandy bars and underwater canyons.


A lot of the same species which were in the water in the summer and spring seasons are active in the fishing season in October at Ocean City.

Common species like the marlin and sea bass bluefish, and marlin will be found in addition to new species like sea trout as well as Atlantic Croaker. The fish can be located close to shorelines including bay areas jetties, shipwrecks, and jetties.

Recommended Fishing Charters in Ocean City

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Ocean City Species Breakdown: Best Times

White Marlin

The white marlin tournament is held at Ocean City each summer. In the last year, the winning margin was more than 80 pounds. The white marlin is designed for rapid, continuous swimming.

Marlins are sleekand muscular fish that has a deep blue upper section and a silvery-white belly. Male white marlins are smaller than females, and they can reach nine feet and weigh up to 180 pounds. They are among the most sought-after species of Ocean City, MD.


Haddock that is closely related to cod, but not exactly the same, is abundant throughout the through the year. But the most appealing thing is that there's no off-season. Haddock is an excellent catch that is also great for fishing as they are as tasty like cod. They are available all year round in the deep waters that lie in the Atlantic.


Bluefish, though not as well-known like some other species we've seen but is a great fish to be found in greater quantities throughout the Cape.

The reason they are so attractive is the fact that they consume almost anything, which makes them ideal for anglers who are who are just beginning to get their feet wet in the world of sport fishing. From May to October, they can be found in great numbers both in flats and deep seas as well as in the shallow regions.

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Many shark species reside in the oceans close to Ocean City for most of the year, offering an unforgettable experience. Most species can get caught in the period between July and September with summer being the ideal time to catch blue and mako sharks. They can be caught in the ocean and off it.


Best Time of Day to Fish Ocean City

A lot of people think that the best time to fish is the morning, and almost everywhere across the globe including Ocean City is no exception. Fish go into an exuberant feeding mode as the tides begin shifting due to the rising of the sun. Also, they appear in places that they don't normally visit since the baitfish are active.

After a couple of hours of fishing, a lot of fishermen will establish themselves on the beach and enjoy great success. It is also the busiest time of the day for fishing, and the fish are under the greatest strain. Large fish on the other hand they will consume all day. Therefore, if you're hoping for white marlin, putting off an hour or two won't ruin chances of catching it.

Ocean City Fishing & Tidal Impacts

A rising tide, also called rising tide is among the best occasions to fish. Estuary water coming in from the ocean may be cooler, contain higher levels of oxygen, and also be clearer than the water inside the estuary at lower tides or slow times.

Although this mix of factors typically induces fish to consume more keep in mind that the weather and wind conditions can affect the best fishing tides.

If you're fishing an inshore spot when the tide is moving out, you'll see that anglers are also focusing on the mouth of the estuary. Since game fish typically be found near the mouth of the estuary, they will eat any crustaceans or baitfish washed by the tide that is out This is what happens.

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Top 4 Fishing Spots in Ocean City

1. Surf Fishing. Surf fishing is among the most enjoyable and rewarding forms of fishing that there is. If you are doing it right you can catch: Striped Bass, Black Drum, Puppy Drum, Red Drum, Kingfish, Shark, Skate, Flounder, Bluefish, and more species are available to catch.

2. Anglers are able to cast their lines to fish for flounder and striped bass bluefish, trout and tautog, from the public piers as well as the beaches of Ocean City. There is the Oceanic Pier, which juts into the Isle of Wight Bay near the Midway Shopping Center at the town's southernmost tip and the Talbot Street Pier in downtown Ocean City, and the Ninth Street Pier, which extends into the Isle of Wight Bay in central Ocean City near the Midway Shopping Center All are great fishing spots on piers. The hours are between the hours of 9 a.m. between 6 and 9 p.m., Ocean City permits surf fishing on public beaches, and fishermen can cast minimum 50-yards from beachgoers and swimmers.

3. Offshore Fishing: If you want to go offshore fishing, you'll require an excellent boat and a very nice one at the same time. There are plenty of skilled charter captains who will get you hooked on fishing. The species that can be caught offshore comprise Blue sharks, Bluefish, Mako Sharks, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Longfin Tuna, King Mackerel, Dolphin, Blue & White Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Longfin Tuna, King Mackerel, Blue & White Marlin.


The Coastal Highway provides access to Ocean City beach entrances and parking spots for fishermen. The species of fishing at the pier include Seabass Croaker, Flounder, Triggerfish, Sea Trout Sheepshead, Mackerel Tautog, Bluefish, Ling Cod, Striped Bass, Bluefish and other species are available for fishing.

4. Inlet and Bay Fishing The requirement is a boat. There are many great Headboats that can bring you out. Inlet fishing species are: Seabass, Croaker, Flounder, Triggerfish, Sea Trout Sheepshead, Mackerel Tautog, Bluefish Ling Cod Striped Bass, and more species are available to catch.

Storms & Ocean City Fishing

For Ocean City and the inlet days leading up to a storm provide some of the most exciting fishing. If the baitfish senses changes in their pressure, they'll move inland or into deeper waters. When more people move toward the interior, a variety of species, such as stripe bass, have greater chance of enjoying a feeding frenzy.

As winter and fall come, there are winter storms which will bring plenty of fish. Take advantage of these early in early morning, if it is possible.

Is Winter Fishing Bad or Good in Ocean City?

It is a fact that in Ocean City, winter fishing can be a challenging and rewarding experience. On other hand, winters can be brutally cold, leading numerous fish to leave. Certain species, on the contrary, will never leave the waters around the entry point. It is possible to have some success in winter, provided you are able to endure the frigid winter temperatures.

But, the species that remain be slower, and the bite won't be as strong or consistent like it was in the summer and spring months. Furthermore, the larger fish have already gone which makes it less likely to get white marlin.

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Night Fishing in Ocean City

It is in Ocean City, night fishing is extremely popular, especially for Striped bass. This is especially true in June's breaking tides. Anglers from the area look at this time of evening fishing in the inlet each year.

The night fishing season in the winter and fall seasons is becoming less well-known at Ocean City. The reason for this is because the temperatures of the ocean are declining, and fish are becoming less active.

Shore/Surf Fishing: Best Times & Seasons

For Ocean City, shore fishing is a well-known method of fishing. The best time to go fishing is early in the morning, before the sun rises. The larger fish migrate into the water's shallower areas to eat around this time. The best time to fish from shore is during spring and summer months.

Booking Charters in Ocean City

Charter boat rentals permit guests to experience a full day of fishing with the help of a skipper as well as deck crew. OC Girl Sportfishing Charters, Restless Lady Sportfishing Charters, Reel Addiction Sportfishing Charters, Marli Sportfishing, Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters as well as Over Under Sportfishing are just among the charter boat fishing businesses that are based on the shores of Ocean City.

Deep-sea fishing on party boats, bottom fishing fishing the deep-sea trolling method, fishing for sharks and fishing inshore are just a few of the options provided through Ocean City charter boats.

Prices are reduced when a group of people charters a boat to catch fish in the waters off the shore of Ocean City for a half or full day. Reservations for dates and times of your fishing trip should be discussed by the skipper prior to the date of your trip to ensure availability.

Best Season To Go

The summer months are the most popular and booked time to fish in Ocean City. If you're interested in booking an exclusive trip or one that is less crowded I would suggest booking your trip in early into the fall. The summer rush is already fading away and many species of summer are still out in the water.

Morning vs. Afternoon

This is a heated issue with anglers from all over the world: which one is the best? For Ocean City, the tides are rising in the early morning, which brings larger baitfish and causing prey fish to seek them out. This can result in some amazing action since they can catch almost everything.

The morning tide also brings deeper water into the flats, which makes fishing difficult during afternoon tides. If you take into account that the majority of rain is seen during the day, it's evident that the ideal time to hit the beach is early in the morning.


The half-day tour is perfect for many , especially when you are taking a trip across the marshes and flats. It gives you the time to go out and catch the fish , while also allowing you to stay away from spending your entire day on water. Based on the guide you choose along with the kind of species that you're after you'll be able to choose of an excursion lasting 4-6 hours. If you're on a half-day tour the most popular species you'll hunt are bonefish, tarpon, and snook. A handful of others could be a possibility.


Outings that last for a full day, particularly when you charter a deep-sea vessel, will have the greatest chance of getting the job done. A full day is essential when fishing for larger fish in deep waters, because the journey could take at least an hour subject to the area the location of your charter the day. A full day, however will usually cost more. Marlin, wahoo and mahi-mahi are all popular species for full-day excursions.


A full day excursion, although not mandatory, gives you with the highest chance of catching the largest fish. Even with the close proximity to the fishing spots, it could be a long time before you are able to hook an even bigger fish.

It is a sign that an hour-long trip has a chance of not catching the biggest fish. A full day of fishing gives you a taste of fishing in Ocean City; in the morning, you could go to the shore for species, before heading into the deeper waters in which the larger fish are abundant.

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